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Motley Sprue Ltd is based in the South East of England. Motley Sprue was created by two game enthusiasts to bring a lifetime love of theme-based mechanics to the market. From an action packed monster hunt in the legendary labyrinth (Knossus : Enter the Labyrinth) , to the camp romp through the 70s spy era (Spies With Bow Ties), the epic Roman gladiatorial schools (Ludus Magnus) and cutthroat auctions in the Industrial Revolution (The Potteries). Our focus on Player Experience first makes Motley Sprue the newcomer to watch in 2017!

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We are based in the South East of England but we tend to get about a bit. Alternatively we occupy a rather mildewed and rundown area of cyberspace so can be interfered with digitally at your convenience. All forms of communication welcomed, particularly those with gifts and no-strings bribes attached.