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Running an international spy organisation must be a right pain. Imagine all the paperwork, for starters.

Fortunately, Spies With Bow ties gets you right into the action – developing your spies and backroom boys, choosing which plots to attempt, creating gadgets and sending off agents to interfere with your opponents. It’s a tongue-in-cheek game of global espionage, so expect lasers, weirdly-located bases and plenty of cheese.

How you balance things is up to you – there is only so much you can do each turn, so if you pile effort into progressing plots you will stand less chance of thwarting opponents’ plots, and defending your HQ.

But as you might expect for clandestine operations, playing the long game is often the best path – because plots can provide you with lasting benefits and even build upon each other – multiplying your future capabilities and giving you the chance to go for the really big-time plots.

While doing that you will need to frustrate your opponents’ plots – and you can’t do that until you have uncovered them. Spies With Bow ties uses a reveal mechanic such that a plot isn’t full revealed until all opponents have uncovered it – of course they could just choose to gang-up….but why share the spoils?

Winning is simple – reach the Victory Point target. But do it before your opponents get there first, old chap.