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Caverns of Dooom

a dungeon crawler intended to get the feel for the big games like Descent, or an indepth dungeon bash RPG but playable within 60-90 mins (a REAL 60-90 mins) and with minimal cost components.


Kill or be killed….in the end, that is all that will matter, and only one name will be remembered in the tales of legend. In between however, there are decisions to be made. Knossus is a wonderfully simple concept, and

Ludus Magnus

The people of Rome, and the other great cities of the empire, must be entertained.

Spies with Bowties

Running an international spy organisation must be a right pain. Imagine all the paperwork, for starters.

The Potteries

Take clay, shape it, then heat it up (REALLY heat it up), take it out, paint it. Pretty straightforward – a child could do it, and it is a process that has been carried on for thousands of years.